Fogger Gun 

  • Easy to operate, turn on the power switch to start the spraying work.
  • This machine allows user to operate himself without any technical help.
  • The fumigation Gun has wide applied fields and can be used for sanitation and prevention in hospital,clinics, restaurant, hotel and other public places. It is an ideal electric sprayer with reliable performance and convenient use.
  • It is used to control microbial contamination in controlled area.Use Distilled Water Only for Long Life of the product. For Use on Human Being you can use Herbal type Sanitizers and for Goods and Surface you can use Ethanol Based sanitizer.For fogging you can add 10% to 30% Glycerin. Never Use Gel Based Sanitizers.
  • Application: Clinics, Homes, Offices, Shops, Cars, Gym, Spa, Saloon, etc.
Fogger Gun Thermal fogging is the generation of ultra-fine droplets in a range of 1-50 m using thermo- pneumatic energy. Liquid substances are vaporised at the end of fogging barrel (resonator) and form ultra-fine aerosols by condensing on contact with cool ambient air, on being ejected, to create dense visible fog-clouds

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