Return Policy


If the Product(s) is qualified for the Refund, then please follow the below process to claim for a Return:

·        Raise a Complaint: Use this guide to raise a complaint and save Complaint Number for future reference.

·        Review: Our support team will review the case and approve the Refund, if qualified.

·        You can file multiple complaints for different products received under one order, however, pickup charge is applicable on all subsequent complaints filed after the first one

·        Pickup Process: Once the complaint is approved, the product pickup process will start.

-        The Product(s) will be picked up by our delivery team

-        There will be pickup charges if Return claim has been raised within 3  days from the time of delivery but the order is delivered correctly and properly

-        Pickup request if cancelled for any reason can be rescheduled on request without any additional charges, however, if 2nd pick up request is cancelled, claim complaint will be auto closed.

·        All shipments need to be delivered to our warehouse within 15 days from the date when the ticket is created. In the event, the item(s) is not received, the complaint request would need to be closed.

·        Inspection Process: After receiving the Product(s), it is sent for inspection:

·        Approved: If the Product(s) is found faulty as per the policy then the Refund process will be initiated.

·        Not Approved: For products returned in damaged condition or without complete items or box - item(s) to be returned to the customer


Claims to be accepted based on the following conditions:

·        Product(s) should not be in used condition and should not show that it was previously used

·        Save the original seal.

·        Product(s) has the complete original packaging (if product was sold in original packaging).

·        Saved accessories, consumables included with the Product(s), components, labels, accompanying documentation etc. and their packaging is not damaged.

·        Physically damaged and/or missing Product(s) cases will only be considered if reported at the time of delivery.

·        For items not damaged and claimed due to the item not being as per expectations, pickup charges of NRS XXX and restocking fees (15% of product value) are applicable.

·        Free-size or Multicolor Product(s) cannot be claimed for exchange/return. (Product(s) listed on the Site as multi-color, free-size, assorted color, assorted design, etc. are items on which size/color cannot be guaranteed and are subject to availability.)